We know you are coming to the Young Adult Rock from near and far, and we wanted to give you some ideas about how to get your camping equipment to Headquarters.

Equipment Rental Companies

If you are traveling internationally and you want to rent your equipment, we suggest you rent from a US company. Trying to ship equipment internationally may not be reliable. Shipping is included in these companies below.

Oversized Shipment Assistance

Camping materials can be bulky. The resources below can assist you with oversized items.

How to Ship

If you are shipping anything to The Way International for use during the Young Adult Rock, please follow the shipping label format below:

The Way International
19100 E Shelby Road
New Knoxville OH 45871

Many of these rental companies provide return labels. If you are shipping anything yourself, make sure you have considered purchasing return shipping ahead of time. Make sure to bring any return labels with you. You can set The Way International to be your pickup point to ship back.

If someone is picking up your items for you, make sure they know to go to the Shipping and Receiving Department by NO LATER than a week from the close of the event.

Disclaimer: We are not endorsing these companies. Suggestions are based on website and company reviews. If you have experience in this category, please share your knowledge on the discussion board.